Investor Solutions

If you are an investor and you invest in property or shares in the local or global markets we have complete TAX FREE solutions for you!

Our finished solutions will give you everything you need to legally invest as you wish and pay ZERO capital gains tax on your profits.


Invest in property all over the world without paying Capital Gains Tax

Well-informed investors know that tax strategies are essential to their financial success. Investors may pay 20% - 40% of their capital gain in federal taxes, plus any state taxes. If an investor's goal is to acquire other investment property, then exchanging is a strategy that merits attention.



Many of our clients invest on the stock markets in stocks, shares, bonds, futures etc.
We have a ready-to-go solution for you that will give you everything you need to invest as you wish and pay ZERO tax.
Within 3 weeks from today you could be trading your shares, options and futures TAX FREE legally.

Tax Wizards has been trusted by thousands of the world's High Net-worth individuals to provide them with bespoke solutions that will keep their assets secure. Clients can be assured that we are fully conversant with the means of achieving this within the framework of national and international laws, diverse cultures and traditions.


Internet Solutions

Internet Sales, marketing and affiliate income are growing every day. If you are planning to start your own internet business or become an affiliate, or already have your own online business that is generating income, you will benefit from our ready made solutions.


If you are using Paypal to receive income in your name, you are liable to report this to the government. What should you do to secure your income and tax free status through our Paypal TaxWizard product?



Are you receiving cheques from Clickbank and other similar internet affiliate systems?
Would you like to earn all that income tax free?

What you need is the Affiliate TaxWizard.
A complete set-up-in-a-box that will automate your online business to become an online tax free money machine.


Creative Solutions

Whatever your need is, TaxWizards will create a solution for you. If you are an entrepreneur or have any kind of consultancy business we have the wizard for you that will reduce your income tax or future possible capital gains tax on your investments.


  • If you are running a business in your country that is making money and you would like to reduce your taxes by an easy restructuring of your systems.
  • If your company is an SME or OMB, there are some vital questions to be asked, the answers to which will reveal whether you are maximizing profits and reducing costs in an effective way.
  • If you are importing or exporting goods.
  • If you are working with large one-off investments or joint ventures that will bring you income.
  • If you are an expatriate you are amongst a reported 7 million either working or living abroad. Your priorities will be ensuring that your income and assets are secure and your finances structured for maximum safety and tax efficiency.
  • If you have in excess of 2 million dollars of liquid or semi-liquid assets you are regarded by the International financial community as a high net-worth individual.

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